Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 18th february 2016

Shipping Information

What Shipping Methods Avilable ?

Ans- Digiatl Delivery Over email Address

How Long Will it Take To Get My Package?

Ans- Genarlly It will take few second but sometime it can be go upto 30 min.

How Do I Track My Order?

Ans- For tracking please go here Track Here

Do I Need A Account To Place Order?

Ans- You can Or not But Better to Crete a account to maange your orders

FAQ Second Version

Can I buy keys in bulk as I am a vendor ?

Ans- No, you cant ,products are only for end user customers,how ever You can write us for bulk requirements at .

My payment is deducted from my bank account or card what should do ?

  1. please don’t panic your payment is on way and safe . Sometimes it happen due to gateway error .wait for 30 min it can be happen due to following reason.
  2. there is a delay from your bank
  3. there is a delay from our payment processor
  4. there is little delay on receiving sms
  5. After 30 min if you still not get key please contact us with transction details.our support will contact you .

By mistake I didn’t add gst number can you add it on my bill

Ans- All process will go automated ,we can add it again on your bill.

Why your Website Products has less price?

Ans- we are direct buying bulk keys from manufacturar, distributor of the respective products.we are getting very small profit on products,we want to serve product to customer in reasonable price .we belive in long relationship . we are following our honorable prime minister word”Digital India”

Can we activate Key Out-side India?

Ans- yes, Some products can be activate outside india .For better clarification refer product page which you want to buy where product Region is mention .

How much time it will take for delivery ?

Ans- some products has instantly,some have dealy

Do you send Physical box or cd?

Ans- no we are selling only digital key which will send you via email.

can I renew my product by your key ?

Ans – yes you can if you purchage renew licence.

can you provideor offer refund?

Ans – never,due to nature of business as it is digital product we cant offer refund.

Does serial key validity start from date of purchgae ?

Ans- no,your serial key validity will start when you activate the products.

Is the any chance refund if I purchage keys by mistake or wrong product?

Ans- no ,you have to utlize or gift key to someone.

I am getting problem during installation what should I do?

you should contact respective product customer care .