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Avast Pro Antivirus Latest Version 1 Device 1 Year PC Key

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Hacking and hijacking prevention

Avast Pro Antivirus is equipped with all the features one should expect from the top security software. One of them is the prevention of hacking and hijacking your device. Internet thieves can easily access the unprotected computer, phones and other devices connected to the web to use them for their own purposes, such as identity theft or financial extortion. Thanks to Avast you can be sure that this won’t happen to you. The suite prevents hackers from redirecting you to fake websites through suspicious links, which could result in your banking data becoming vulnerable. Antivirus also protects your Wi-Fi by detecting holes in its security and eliminating them. It also eliminates the threat of strangers using your network without your consent. With Avast Pro Antivirus your internet connection is well protected from any sort of attack.

Anti-virus protection

Avast Pro Antivirus, as its name would suggest, works excellent as a protective shield, guarding your device from becoming infected by malware. Avast Pro uses the intelligent antivirus solution to protect the user from malware, spyware, ransomware and phishing attempts before they can affect the device. Antivirus also includes a behavior shield, weeding out suspicious programs and CyberCapture feature, which isolates malware and forwards the cure to other Avast users. Smart Scan analyzes the contents of the user’s device and determines, which programs and applications might carry potential threats. Finally, there’s the Sandbox, which allows the user to test programs in a safe environment before running them on the device. As you can see, Avast takes all the steps to protect the user’s device from all types of threats.

Privacy options

Antivirus offers excellent online privacy protection. While using Avast you can be sure that no one can gain unauthorized access to your passwords. The suite stores them safely in a vault. What’s more, the user can allow themselves to use only one password for all platforms that require it. Avast will manage the accounts locked under it so that you can log in safely and securely.

Other advantages

The benefits of purchasing Avast Pro Antivirus license code do not end there. The suite offers a “Do Not Disturb” mode, which mutes all notifications, so that they won’t pop out at an inconvenient time, for example, while playing online. Pro version can also carry out a browser cleanup to remove all unnecessary toolbars and add-ons that were installed without you noticing. Avast Antivirus was highly praised by the reviewers, who noted its large number of available features, configurability and accurate website filtering.

Key features

  • State-of-the-art antivirus suite! Fitted with all the necessary features, Avast is THE suite made for modern threats.
  • Solid protection. Hackers and thieves won’t be able to get through the shield set up by this antivirus.
  • Malware detection. Thanks to applied solutions Avast Pro detects and eliminates threats before they can affect the device.
  • Secure your privacy. Protect your data with one password.
  • Additional features. “Do Not Disturb” mode and browser cleanup make this suite a truly multipurpose software.

Platform:   Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP


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1) After Sucessfull Payment a Digital licence Will Be Deliver On Your Paypal Email or Resisterd Email Address.

2) Process Can Take 30 Sec to Max 3 hour.

3) Product Will Be Delivered By Automatic Email-Delivery System.

4)Product Activation Key Will Be Delivered On Your Registered Email Address.

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